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Thanks to yesterday's issue of Nature's "Seven Days" feature, I learned of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Office of Inspector General's (OIG) report on compliance to the RCR instruction policy.

The NSF's RCR mandate came online in 2010, and in 2013 the NSF OIG

contacted 53 institutions to learn how they had implemented their own RCR training in response to NSF’s requirement. We requested and reviewed institutions’ RCR plans and asked a variety of questions of institutional officials and RCR trainees about the institutional plans, such as who gets trained, the format of the training, and the training’s content. [NSF OIG 2017:2]

To make a 14-page report short, "almost one quarter of the institutions in our sample were not in compliance with NSF’s RCR requirements at the time they received our engagement letter" [NSF OIG 2017:3]. I don't know how well a 75% implementation is good in this situation, but in a college test, 75% is a C.

I applaud the NSF OIG for pursuing this review, and I hope this effort will have a positive result.

NSF OIG. 2017. "OIG Review of Institutions’ Implementation of NSF’s Responsible Conduct of Research Requirements." (July 25)



RCR Instructional Workshop

Do you teach the responsible conduct of research?

If the answer is "Yes," there's a special workshop designed especially for you.

The Office of Research Integrity and the University of California San Diego are co-sponsoring a two-day, train-the-trainer workshop on September 12-13, 2017, in San Diego, California.  The workshop will address the many facets of RCR instruction, including assessment, engaging students, educational resources, and teaching strategies.

AFTER AUGUST 10:  $600

Register Now  ]

La Jolla Shores Hotel
8110 Camino Del Oro
San Diego, California 92037
United States
(855) 923-8058

Comments from past participants

  • “I was prepared to be impressed, but I was seriously impressed.”
  • “I have been running RCR programs in my own silo for years. To suddenly have peers is wonderful.”
  • “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here and I leave feeling inspired to make some revisions/improvements to our RCR Program.”
  • “All sessions were uniformly good. Something a high value in each. That was unique.”  |  |  240-453-8400  |  @HHS_ORI

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
announces the 
27th Annual APPE International Conference

Thursday, March 1 – Sunday, March 4, 2018
Palmer House Chicago, Illinois

Call for Submissions

This call invites individuals from all disciplines and professions interested in advancing scholarship, teaching and a general understanding of practical and professional ethics. Submissions are invited on ethical issues in all fields including business, engineering, government, media, law, medicine, science and technology as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary issues that cut across professions such as biomedical, educational, environmental, public health and research.

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) is a multidisciplinary, international organization advancing scholarship, education, and practice in practical and professional ethics. We facilitate and support collaboration among scholars and teachers, business and government leaders, and professionals from all areas concerned with the practical application of ethics and values.

Special Event: Private reading of Queen
APPE will host a reading of Queen on the evening of Thursday, March 1 at the Palmer House. The production explores the ethical dilemmas faced by two young academics who discover an error in their career-defining research project.

Submission Categories
We invite submissions in the following categories:

  1. Individual presentations
  2. Case studies
  3. Pedagogical demonstrations
  4. Creative arts
  5. Posters
  6. Panel discussions
  7. Author meets critics
  8. Lunch with an author
  9. Pecha Kucha/Rapid fire session (new for 2018)
  10. Graduate student three minute thesis competition (new for 2018)
  11. Paper competitions and awards.

All submissions, in all categories, are due October 27, 2017.
In practice, one individual submission per person will be accepted.

Submission Guidelines and Instructions.

Special Interest Sections

In addition to papers and sessions on topics of general interest in applied and professional ethics, APPE has Special Interest Sections and program tracks in the following areas:

Journalism and Media Ethics

Health Ethics
The Health Ethics Special Interest Section engages members interested in ethical challenges related to health and health care. These issues arise in biomedical research, clinical practice, healthcare policy, public health, and the life sciences.  This inherently interdisciplinary SIS reaches across many areas of scholarship and professional practice in biotechnology, medicine, nursing, politics, law, religion, and philosophy, among others.

Business Ethics
The Business Ethics Interest Group (BEIG) focuses on perennial and emerging issues in regional, national, and international business ethics.

Engineering, Science and Technology Ethics
The mission of the APPE’s special interest group on STEM ethics is to promote excellence in teaching and research at the intersection of science, engineering, technology and ethics, share resources and best practices for academics and practitioners, and foster regional, national, and international collaboration in the field.

Research Ethics
The mission of the APPE’s special interest group on Research Integrity/RCR is to foster excellence in teaching and research on the responsible conduct of research, encourage the sharing of resources and best practices, and promote action based on regional, national, and international collaboration in the field.

If you wish your submission to be considered for a particular program track, you may indicate this in your submission form.

Paper Competitions and Awards

  • Best Formal Paper by an Early Career Scholar – $500 prize
  • Best Formal Paper by a Graduate Student – $500 prize
  • Best Formal Paper by an Undergraduate Student – $250
  • Best Formal Paper on Pre-College Ethics – $750 First prize and $500 Second prize

Paper competition guidelines and submission instructions

Important Deadlines

  • September 5: Registration opens
  • October 27: Deadline for all submissions
  • December 1: End of Early Bird Registration
  • December 15: Notification of Program Presenters
  • January 5: Deadline for Audio Visual Request Forms
  • February  2: End of On-Time Registration (Late registration pricing begins 2/3)
  • February 6: Hotel Reservations deadline
  • February 9: Meal Reservations with Payment deadline

For additional information, please see the APPE website at: or contact the APPE office at: or (765) 658-5015

This message is from the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE). You can also find it on Monkey Chimp. - Ken

We are happily settling into our new home at the Prindle Institute for Ethics!

With our transition to DePauw University, APPE has created a new Listserv.  Watch your email for additional emails coming from us from us and check your spam folder, in case we get lost there.

Our new contact information
+1 765-658-5015
P.O. Box 37
Greencastle IN 46135-0037

We have more exciting news headed your way, in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!

I am pleased to share this information, which I received it on July 7, 2017, via email. The text below is quoted verbatim. - KDP

The U.S. Office of Research Integrity awarded a grant to the P.I. Program to expand its recruitment and assessment efforts. New program assessment efforts will have a formative aim (providing participants with important feedback) and a research aim (understanding factors that contribute to professional lapses). New assessments will examine the work habits of participants such as holding regular meetings or using standard operating procedures.

Capitalizing on the recent NIH K01 Award received by Dr. Alison Antes, the P.I. Program’s most recent faculty member, we will compare the work habits of P.I. Program participants to those of research exemplars—52 individuals we recently interviewed who conduct high impact research and enjoy a reputation for great leadership and integrity in research. Findings from the project will be broadly disseminated with the aim of fostering research integrity.

Registration Open for Next P.I. Program Workshop

Registration is now open for the next P.I. Program workshop. The workshop will take place October 10-12, 2017 in St. Louis, MO.

To refer a participant to the program, please contact the Program Manager, Cynthia McKenna, at or 314-747-4220.

4523 Clayton Avenue, Campus Box 8005
St. Louis, MO 63110-1093
314-747-4220 |

APPE, the ethics association nonpareil, sent three emails on the past Monday (June 26) concerning big changes. I've made some edits. - KDP

Dear APPE members and friends,

As we enter into this new and exciting phase of APPE's development, we want to know what we can do better in our efforts to support your teaching, research, practice, and professional development.

Please follow this link and take 5 minutes to complete our survey on topics that include desired membership benefits, conference preferences, and membership demographics.

The information you provide will help us with strategic planning,  and ultimately help us serve you better.

Thank you,

The APPE team | 765-658-5015

APPE, the ethics association nonpareil, sent three emails on the past Monday (June 26) concerning big changes. I've made some edits. - KDP

Dear APPE members and friends:

I hope you will join me in thanking Stuart Yoak for his service to the organization. During his 6 years as Executive Director, he has worked hard to grow our membership, Ethics Bowl, and the annual conference, while maintaining the high quality of our programs. He has also engaged in recruiting and leadership development to ensure that the organization is in a strong position to move forward.

As we enter this next phase, I am pleased and honored to serve as a part-time interim Executive Director. Our move to Prindle and our new Web site are only the first steps in this exciting new chapter for APPE. The next thing we want to do is hear from you. We have developed our first membership survey, so please look for a follow up email from me with an invitation to participate.

In addition to our upcoming Ethics Bowl activities, and planning for the annual meeting, we will be conducting a search for a new Executive Director this fall. Please look for a job announcement in August, and please feel free to contact us with nominations and recruiting ideas.

In fact, please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or concerns that you might have, or even just to say hello. You can reach us by phone at 765-658-5015 or electronically at or Our door is always open!



Trisha Phillips
APPE Interim Executive Director

APPE, the ethics association nonpareil, sent three emails on the past Monday (June 26) concerning big changes. I've made some edits. - KDP

Greetings, APPE members and friends! We trust you are having a fine summer, and ours has been busy so far. We have lots of news to share:

1. We have moved

Our offices are now located in the beautiful Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University. Here's our new contact information:

2961 W. County Road 225 S.
Greencastle IN 46135
765-658-5015 |

2. We have a new website

Check it out at Our old website at will redirect guests to our new site until it goes dark at the end of July.

3. We have a new Chair of the Executive Board

Gretchen Winter, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be the new chair of the Executive Board starting July 1. Sarah Pfatteicher, who deftly steered the organization through these many transitions, is rotating out of the position on June 30.

4. Our Executive Director is retiring

Stuart Yoak, who faithfully served the organization for 6 years and the field for nearly 30 years, is retiring. If you’d like to thank him or wish him well, you can continue to reach him at

5. We have appointed an Interim Executive Director

Trisha Phillips, a member of the Executive Board and associate professor at West Virginia University, will serve as Interim Executive Director on a part-time basis while we conduct a search for a permanent Executive Director. If you have questions or concerns, or just wish to say hello, you can reach her at

6. We will be searching for a new Executive Director in the fall.

Look for a job announcement this fall, feel free to self nominate, and please spread the word far and wide. We hope to announce a new ED in Spring 2018.

7. Save the date for APPE 2018

The 2018 annual conference will be in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton on March 1-4. Look for a call for proposals coming soon!

Stay in touch – we look forward to connecting with you soon!

The APPE Executive Board