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The 11th International Conference on Applied Ethics
December 15-16, 2018, at Kyoto

Call for Papers: The 11th International Conference on Applied Ethics

Science, Technology, and Future Generations
December 15-16 (Saturday-Sunday), 2018
Hosted by the Center for Applied Philosophy and Ethics
Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University

We are pleased to announce that the 11th International Conference on Applied Ethics will be held on December 15-16, 2018, at Kyoto University, hosted by the Center for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAPE) (

Invited speakers include:

  • Samuel Scheffler (New York University)
  • Philip Brey (University of Twente)
  • Michael Davis (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Tony Milligan (King’s College London)

We encourage paper proposals on the conference theme, but welcome other topics in the following areas (the below-listed ones are some of the examples, not exhaustive):

Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Intergenerational Ethics, Business Ethics, Information Ethics, Research Ethics, Animal Ethics, Food Ethics, International Ethics, War/Military Ethics, Professional Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology.

We also welcome panel proposals (3 papers for a 90-minute session).
Participants who wish to present papers are requested to submit a 300 word abstract with your personal details (name, job title, and affiliation) in a MS-Word file (.doc) to by May 13 (Sunday), 2018.

Conference fees: The basic registration fee required of all presents and attendees (including refreshments on the 15th and 16th) is 5,000 JPY for faculty members and post-docs; 2,000 JPY for students.

The optional conference dinner on the 15th is 5,000 JPY for faculty members and post-docs; 3,500 JPY for students.

We will announce how to pay the conference fee soon.

Accommodation: There are a wide range of accommodations available in Kyoto and its surrounding areas. Be advised that winter in Kyoto is a high season for sightseeing. Since room availability will be limited, it is important to book early both to save money and ensure a spot.

All queries should be sent to

Conference Chair: Masahiko Mizutani (Director and Professor of CAPE, Kyoto University)

Coordinator: Shunzo Majima (Associate Professor, Hiroshima University)

The 11th International Conference on Applied Ethics is hosted by CAPE, and co-hosted by the following six institutions/research groups (in alphabetical order):

  • Applied Ethics Center for Engineering and Science, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
  • Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University
  • Hiroshima University Project Research Center for Applied Ethics
    Nanzan University Institute for Social Ethics
  • Project Innovative Ethics, Graduate School of Humanities, Kobe University
  • The University of Tokyo Center for Biomedical Ethics and Law

CFP: Workshop/Research Retreat on Applied Epistemology at the Prindle Institute for Ethics

Applied philosophy examines the questions that are most central and relevant to the ways that we live our lives. Many of these questions are epistemic in nature, since questions about what can be known, understood, and reasonably believed, and questions about how we ought to understand the world around us relate directly to our lives. Applied ...continue reading "Applied Epistemology Research Retreat and Workshop"

Plagiarism: A Conference on the Identification, Processing, Prevention and Cultural Context of Plagiarism

Tuesday, April 3 to Thursday, April 5, 2018
Announcements from ORI and Indiana University

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Call for Abstracts - Workshop
Brain-based and Artificial Intelligence: Socio-ethical Conversations in Computing and Neurotechnology

May 10-11, 2018 | Chicago, Illinois

Organized by the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions,
Illinois Institute of Technology

This workshop seeks to explore the convergences and disparities in approaches to intelligence in neuroscience and computer science. It will reflect on how brain-based intelligence is similar to artificial intelligence and also ...continue reading "Workshop on socio-ethical conversations – Chicago"

Join us for the pre-conference 2018 Ethics Center Directors Summit
Thursday, March 1st

The Ethics Center Directors Summit is the largest gathering of ethics center leadership in the country. It happens every year as part of the APPE annual conference. If you direct an ethics center or are thinking about starting one, join us at the next annual conference to connect with peers and share best practices for leading an ethics center.

Register Now ...continue reading "APPE Ethics Center Directors Summit"

Authors On The Program

Drue H. Barrett and Leonard W. Ortmann

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe

This Open Access book highlights the ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in the practice of public health. It is also a tool to support instruction, debate, and dialogue regarding public health ethics. Although the practice of public health has always included consideration of ethical issues, the field of public health ethics as a discipline is a relatively new and emerging area.  There are few practical training ...continue reading "APPE – Authors on the program and more"

APPE is pleased to announce that Teaching Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity, a pre-conference workshop, will be held in conjunction with the Twenty-seventh Annual Conference of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics.

The workshop will be a forum for novice and experienced ethics educators to learn about new and in-development resources for teaching research ethics, scientific integrity, and science and engineering ethics broadly. A combination of ...continue reading "APPE – Teaching Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity"

Public trust in science is crucial. As researchers, we need to safeguard ethics and integrity in scientific research. Yet in Europe there is no central resource containing information on how to perform science responsibly and with integrity. Therefore, we are strongly committed to building a new online platform for the research community. This new platform will offer help to anyone seeking support in handling ...continue reading "EnTIRE – Supporting good science"

Responsible Reporting of Gun Violence:
Protecting Communities and the First Amendment, Preventing Copycat Violence

February 9, 2018 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Center for Bioethics & Health Law
University of Pittsburgh
Barco Law Building, 3900 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

This symposium will bring together experts in mental health, violence prevention and public health, law and law enforcement, and media studies to examine ways to report gun violence to the public responsibly.

Considered a public health problem, gun violence is a threat to every dimension of health: it undermines physical, mental, and social well-being. Concern for the health ...continue reading "Responsible Reporting of Gun Violence"

We invite you to attend the Graduate and Early Career Scholar Seminar at APPE 2018.

Thursday, March 1st

This highly interactive seminar is intended for graduate students and early career scholars who are currently teaching classes in ethics (for less than three years) or who have plans to do so. It is designed to boost confidence, confront pedagogical issues and provide philosophical comfort. Topics to be covered include determining goals for the teaching of ethics, pedagogy for personal and professional ...continue reading "APPE – Graduate and Early Career Scholars Seminar in Teaching Ethics"